At Dick & Jane’s, our customers come from many different walks of life from retirees enjoying life in the great north to busy soccer mom’s just trying to squeeze in a little “me” time. 🙂

We understand how our customers lifestyles, work environments, families, and schedules, and needs are completely different. We try to always make certain that our customers enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy our excellent customer service. It’s our job to make our customers look amazing on the outside and feel amazing on the inside—leaving us shining with confidence!


Sarah is the best! I drive from Traverse City to see her at Dick and Jane’s Salon every 3 months for many reasons! Sarah is always smiling and happy to see you, the salon is always clean and has a welcoming feel.

Sarah rescued my hair! I had pretty badly damaged hair from over bleaching and Sarah helped nurse it back to health. She understood I wanted bright natural blonde hair but health was my ultimate goal, so with a little time and TLC she helped me get back my healthy hair! I once again have healthy beautiful blonde hair thanks to her!


As a real estate agent at a resort, it’s important to me that my customers see me as approachable, current, and as a well-groomed but casual professional.

Sarah has been my only stylist since I moved to the area 11 years ago. When I want to try something new, she tells me whether it will work based on my hair.

Her cuts are consistent and I always feel like I can reproduce the style she creates once I leave the salon. As a person, Sarah is as professional as she is kind.


As a new client of Sarah’s, I would like to say that her salon is beautiful, the atmosphere is welcoming and warm, and the displays are modern and clean.

The service is impeccable, I was welcomed with coffee and a smile along with another happy customer.

Sarah is great, her personality is uplifting, and her confidence is radiating. I had come in for a trim and she delivered with a perfectly structured hair cut! Just another satisfied customer!


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